Value from the inside out


John Abplanalp, Founder and CEO of Tight Lines Advisors, recently joined Lisa Ryan, host of the Manufacturer’s Network podcast for lively and highly informative conversation on the topic of productivity and the many issues and challenges surrounding it.
• The effects of company culture
• Global supply chain headwinds
• Managing manufacturing of re-shoring
• Workforce motivation and optimization

In this podcast, John reaches back into his archives of experience to reveal real-world examples of problems he’s experienced on the production floor and the methodology he utilized to solve them. It’s a masterclass in manufacturing productivity.

John is an acknowledged industry leader with a career that spans more than thirty-five years. As a highly respected SME, practical problem-solver, strategist, and innovator, he has gained his unique perspective and experience from the bottom up. Throughout this episode, John offers opinions and insights resulting from his years of work with manufacturers and provides an overview for what companies can do to overcome the growing challenges to productivity in both today and down the road.

Listen now and discover how to put the power of productivity to work for you.


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