Value from the inside out

By John Abplanalp


Founder and CEO of Tight Lines Advisors, John Abplanalp joins Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast co-hosts Lewis Weiss and Tim Grady for a lively and informative discussion about optimizing productivity, process, and margins for small, medium, and large manufacturers.

John takes a deep dive into the Tight Lines Advisors process, which is focused on helping companies improve their operational performance at the gross margin and bottom line while driving their competitive position and creating true value for all stake holders.

As an acknowledged industry leader with more than thirty-five years in manufacturing, John is innovator who has learned from the bottom up. John shares personal stories and insights from his work with manufacturers and provides his perspective on what companies need to do to overcome challenges in these uncertain economic times.

When it comes to manufacturing, John says, “The shortest pencil has the longest memory.

Listen now and discover what he means.


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