Value from the inside out

John Abplanalp, Founder and CEO of Tight Lines Advisors, recently sat in on an episode of The Manufacturing Executive Podcast, joining host Joe Sullivan, for a timely and highly informative discussion about how turn the tide of decreasing productivity that has reached its lowest point in 75 years.

John leans into the headwinds that erode productivity and reveals what processes and programs can be implemented to offset them and return to greater profitability. In this episode, John also pulls back the proverbial curtain to the Tight Lines Advisors Performance Accelerator, a process that is laser focused on helping companies improve their operational performance at the gross margin and bottom line, while driving their competitive position and creating true value for all stakeholders.

John is an acknowledged industry leader with a career in manufacturing that spans more than thirty-five years. As a practical problem-solver, strategist, and innovator, he has gained his perspective and experience from the bottom up. Throughout this episode, John shares personal stories and insights from his work with manufacturers and provides his perspective on what companies need to do to overcome the growing challenges to productivity in the near and long term.

John says, “The drive and passion for operational excellence is the prescription that cures declining productivity.”

Listen now and discover how you can achieve it.

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