Value from the inside out

(Stamford, CT – November 2018)

John Abplanalp, Manufacturing Performance Consultant and CEO of Tight Lines Advisors, a firm specializing in assisting manufacturing companies overcome their operational challenges, recently announced the filing of a U.S. patent application for their proprietary system for optimum manufacturing productivity, The Performance Accelerator.

The Tight Lines Performance Accelerator is a principled strategic operating approach for an exceptional and mutually beneficial relationship between manufacturing companies and all their various stakeholders. Client organizations that utilize this patent-pending process are empowered to grow, succeed and ultimately emerge as world-class market leaders.

Achieving increased, sustainable productivity is central to the growth and success of any company, and when firms are highly efficient and successful, greater market share and significant financial prosperity follow.

John Abplanalp states, “For an organization to be truly successful, its leaders should lead and know when to be led. We spend considerable time in close collaboration with not only the governing board and management, but employees as well, to fully understand the shared business vision, aligned goals, and the various incentives that ultimately create long-term value.”

The Performance Accelerator features an inclusive partnership process that is reflective of the Tight Lines Advisors’ deep industry and operating experience, which spans more than 35 years. Included in the program are five phases:


– Key operational and market issues are identified and reviewed, and a customized process developed


– Areas of manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations process improvements are defined, prioritized and addressed.


– Facilities layout and design, training and marketing are implemented to capitalize on improving performance.


– A company vision and long-term mission incorporating strategic and tactical goals is formulated and begins implementation.


­– Strong category competitiveness is approached as a path to a significant projected COGS reduction is put in place.
When a company is experiencing significant cost pressures, there is a tendency to try and maintain margins by raising external pricing to customers, instead of looking inward to maintain and even improve margins. This is the purpose of the Performance Accelerator in that it inspires a passionate and relentless commitment to driving productivity.

A recent beneficiary of the process is self-described, “hearth centric” lifestyle brand, The Greatest Blaze. The upstart firewood delivery company had an established business with a full line of handpicked goods, and their revenue was growing. But operational inefficiencies inherent to the starting and growing of a new business were taking their toll on the young venture.

The founders reached out to Tight Lines Advisors, for a fresh approach that identified core weaknesses and established a bold path forward for the premium brand. Through the process, Greatest Blaze stakeholders began to see that key issues could be mitigated at the source to strengthen the overall process. The dynamic strategy of The Performance Accelerator yielded many impressive operational benefits, including a sustainable 36% reduction in delivery costs.

“It’s exciting for everyone involved when an organization begins to transform from the inside out with the help of the Performance Accelerator’s holistic approach to experience real, sustainable improvement,” concludes Abplanalp. In the end, with the right set of tools, companies can grow and prosper, regardless of economic conditions. The smart ones continue to move forward with a proactive game plan, and Tight Lines Advisors helps them do just that.

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